Hooked Up July

Jul 26, 2016Newsletter

The June snapper length was 75cm and won by Nicola Hoverd.
Check our events page  for the full seasons fish, you’d be surprised at how well a good pannie can do in this monthly comp.

We have new stock which includes polo shirts please contact Tom Hatfull at teejayhat320@gmail.com.
Can also be purchased at the AGM

AGM & PRIZEGIVING 4pm Saturday 6th August 2016
Everyone who arrives and signs the AGM attendance sheet before 4pm goes into the door prize draw, which is usually a bottle of rum.
We will be awarding a life membership this year to someone very very deserving, so come along and find out who it is.

LADIES COMPETITION 15th October 2016
Please note the earlier date. This year there will be a theme for dress up it is Hawaiian, so this will give you time to plan your outfits.
If there is anyone who can host a group of women out on their boat (shared expenses/lunch) please let me know. Email wwgfc@xtra.co.nz

The subject of braid captures and what constitutes the ‘line class’ or breaking strength of top shotted lines is guaran-teed to spark up a response around most cockpits. Our NZSFC Zone 2 Clubs are looking to table a proposed Fishing Rule for NZSFC adoption whereby, in simple terms, the mono top shot will be the ‘line class’, regardless of backing (braid or other) line strength. This is of course is on the basis that the Combined (ie joined) lines will break on the weakest one. This Rule, if ratified, will not apply to IGFA Record Claims until the IGFA also change their Rules to be in line with this thinking. The Zone 2 proposed Rule change will be on our website (newsletter section) shortly, please drop us a line at wwgfc@xtra.co.nz if you have feed-back for our Zone Delegates on this proposal.

Thank you Sandspit Marina for supporting Legasea by donating proceeds from the overnight boat stays at our 10KG competition.
And thanks to the Gamefish members who manned the bar on the Sandspit Marina Opening and those who offered to help.
It was an awesome day, enjoyed by everyone.


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2022 One Base Report

2022 One Base Report

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