2020 10kg Tournament Report

May 31, 2020Event Results, Newsletter

6am Saturday 30th to text measure-in by 4pm Sunday 31st May
(Queens Birthday wkend).

You know the story with the 10kg, anything less than 25knots is a bonus. Saturday it was good to be alive. Sunday was just a matter of staying alive.
Not even a global pandemic thrown in for good measure could prevent the 10kg from rolling. THANK YOU to the 59 anglers that joined us for this long-running event. Seems a bit strange not having our traditional prizegiving, meal, and catch up— but the rules around gatherings changed the day before the comp! The quality of fish was up this year. Keeping the average sized fish for food and releasing the biggies means this quality could be easier to maintain.

To the results:

1st- Ryan Lazenby 85cm $1000
2nd- Paul Mitchell 80cm $470
3rd- Jono Ridley 78cm $220
4th- Nathan Kelly 77.5cm $115
5th- Jimi Plumpton 77cm $60

1st- Ally Blank 121cm $400

1st – Wayne Brown 62.5cm $150
2nd- Paul Mitchell 53cm $100
3rd- Craig McNaught 43.5cm $50

1st – Dave Adams 57.5cm $150
2nd- Steve Hunt 56cm $100
3rd- Alby Peterson 56cm $50

Mystery Length over 50cm= 55cm $500:
Bradley Bowmar 55cm on the dot!

Junior Section:
Snapper- Quinn Taylor- 37cm $25
Trevally- Quinn Taylor- 30cm $25

10kg Trophy (members only) –
Jono Ridley with his 78cm Snapper (by .006 points from Wayne Browns trevally!)

The prizepool was made up from all entrants ticket money, plus $500 from WwGFC towards 1st place
Thanks again you awesome anglers that made the event possible, and a little more rewarding for some!
Next year we’ll be back with the same great format but all going well a decent hoolie afterwards.

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