2018 One Base Report

Jan 30, 2018Event Results

41 boats (same number as last year) and 143 anglers (up 4 on last year) fished this years One Base at Great Barrier. Every year the fishing and the weather are different. Every year the good times and tournament support are spectacular! Okay so this year one billfish cleaned up, but many of us had our chances—a bit of pulled string here and there, some short tussles with beakies, even an hour long surely-this-in-the-boot struggle that ended in tears for a small boat team. For whatever reason they just weren’t sticking.

The consolations for this phenomena were some good mahimahi and shortbill spearfish captures, and a stellar weather day on the first day of fishing. The first and only marlin for the tournament came on Friday from up north on Outsider with a blue marlin that weighed 157.6kg.

Dan Mills picked up the Presidents Challenge (trophy and rum), Heaviest blue or black prize (big cash!), and the Billfish Points Trophy—and MORE cash! The mahimahi and shortbilled spearfish were fairly numerous and widely spread. Cash and sponsored product prizes added to the successful anglers experience of capturing these tasty tropical treats. The BIG prize is of course nothing to do with fishing skill. $7000 of travel thanks to Mason Containers, Keith Andrews Trucks, Archibald & Shorter Land Rover, Southeys Group, and Warkworth World Travellers. We randomly draw 6 anglers at Saturdays get together, and another 6 on the final night. Then we eliminate them by draw until we’re left with one very happy punter. The other 11 possibles went off stage with other prizes from our generous sponsors. 3rd to last off the stage was Aaron Stenbeck, and he won a Makita skilly from Matakana ITM. The runner-up was Ben Wyatt, all smiles for winning a luxury weekend and the use of a new Range Rover from Archibald & Shorter.

The first prize, SEVEN grand worth of go-anywhere-youlike was won by Garth Oakwood on Outsider, giving them a clean sweep of the major prizes. A very very happy young man and crew. In between announcing prize categories we ran the Great Marine Radio Inc raffle. This was well supported again this year ($525) and the 3 draws of Makita tools from Matakana ITM were snapped up by winners before anyone could yell “reeeedraw”. …

10KG 2022

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2022 One Base Report

2022 One Base Report

2022 One Base Report In the last decade of WwGFC One Bases we’ve hadcyclones, a tsunami, loads of rubbish weather, a bit of good stuff, and a pandemic. It would be careless to say we’ve seen it all, because that would just be asking for trouble next year!

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